Here’s what “GNU” means to us:

  • Gathering under a New Umbrella — We, maintainers and contributors of well-known free software projects, are making this place our new home, fighting for the freedom of computer users and hacking the good hack.
  • Governance, Not Unilateralism — This new home is governed by those who build it following common goals and sharing the same values. The Assembly is where we discuss day-to-day operation and the general direction of our umbrella project, including its governance, transparently.
  • This Group’s Not Uniform — We have common goals but also different backgrounds, and we view it as a strength. Our interactions in this project are subject to its code of conduct.
  • GNU’s Novelty is Unequaled — We contribute to projects that go back to the roots of free software. These projects and newer ones are leading in their own domain and we plan to keep it that way.
  • GNU Needs U! — It’s about building a software commons to empower computer users. We need you — as a user, developer, speaker, coordinator, translator, designer, system administrator: if you share our goals, bring your own contributions!

If you’re a GNU maintainer or contributor and you share that vision, join us now!